Boss Woman Yam/Emily Kame Kngwarreye, Page 2




TVU 4. Yam Dreaming-Awelye, Emily Kngwarreye, 1995, 60" x 36"

One of Emily's last paintings, a veritable tour-de-force of brush strokes, using the smallest brush she ever used in the late linear paintings. As in the previous painting with its almost transparent dots, Emily has created a network of fragile luminous lines which have a feeling of depth. Emily pressed down very hard on the brush as she worked it across the surface of the canvas leaving most of the pigment along the edges of the stroke and the center almost translucent. She also mixed her paints "on the fly" dipping from one paint pot to another, changing color but not brushes so that some of her strokes change in color as they work their way across the canvas. One of her great late paintings—stand back Mr. Pollack, watchout Mr. Marden!